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Dr. Fauci

Fauci does a clear, candid interview/talk for IGs and staffers. [Thanks to the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) for this]

Johns Hopkins – Best Source

Of the various sources for COVID-19 information, I believe that Johns Hopkins is the best, and possibly the most immune to political distortions and media hype. They have a comprehensive Modular online learning track on the site, plus continuously updated statistics with extensive interpretive explanations of the charts and methodologies. “We aggregate and analyze the…

‘Autumn really worries me’

As fall approaches in much of the world, many people are anxious about what will happen when cold weather forces people indoors. Will the virus resurge with a vengeance, especially as people return to offices and schools reopen? To get a preview of the fall, we spoke to Donald G. McNeil Jr., The Times’s infectious…

Herd Immunity = False Hope

One notion about how we get back to “normal” is that we will achieve herd immunity — the proportion of the general population with immunity that would block the ability of the virus to thrive and spread. The odds say that’s not very likely. Firstly, there is no certainty that immunity lasts. Like the flu,…