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Free Computers

Over the past couple of years I have made about 70 free computers and phones available to refugees. When people in my community replace their old laptops, desktops, and phones, the give the old ones to me. I make sure all of their personal data and information is wiped away, and then I rehabilitate them.…

Protected: Pennswood Crestron How-to

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Tech Help

The Washington Post has launched a team of reporters to help subscribers get the most from their technology. If you are curious about technology matters, you’ll want to check it out… Another source of technology news is Review Geek: ZDnet publishes technology news for the industry: zdnet.com.

Lemon Sauce

This is a very lemony lemon sausce that is good with trout and other fish dishes, and serves as a base for veal or chicken piccata sauces.