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Zoom Meetings Tutorials

Here are some resources for getting more out of the free Zoom meetings service. The first is an independently produced video that’s quite detailed (20 minutes). Laptop users can pause the video by pressing the spacebar. The official training videos from Zoom.us are just 3 or so minutes and each deals with a particular feature.

Bill Gates on COVID-19

Gates’ Foundation has been a major funder and a leader in the response to global epidemics for years, most notably Ebola. Now they are working on COVID-19. What is less well known is the fact that Bill Gates did a TED talk warning of the danger of just the sort of pandemic we now face.…

Graphic Best Practices

Thanks to USA Today and the Bucks Courier Times for these excellent charts… Note that you can download and print these charts. Look for the download arrow in the bottom margin of the picture.

About Gloves and Masks

These may not be as helpful as one would think, mainly because they require the proper donning and disposal procedure to be effective. Gloves Remember that the virus needs to reach your mucus membrane (eyes, nose, or mouth) to infect you and replicate. If you touch your face with contaminated gloves they accomplish nothing. So…